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Banking and Financial Technology Consulting

TechKnowledge offers financial and banking technology consulting servicesThe business of managing money is complex, fast-paced, high risk and competitive like no other. Firms in the finance sector expect, – in fact insist, – that the technology supporting them be flexible, easy to use, and 100% reliable, allowing them to keep an eagle-eye on their most valuable asset of all: their customers. You can rely on the financial technology consulting services at TechKnowledge to guide you through the challenges of selecting the right banking technology.

Banking and Financial Technology Consulting Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • IP Network Engineering & Design
  • Voice Systems
  • Facility Planning
  • Data Center Design
  • Trading Floor Systems Design
  • Precision Project Management®
  • Call Center Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • VoIP Acquisition and Design
  • Security Systems
  • Telco Services Coordination
  • Cable Plant Design


How we are serving our Banking and Financial technology consulting clients:

TechKnowledge offers banking and financial technology consulting services to Amegy Bank of Texas Strategic & Facility Planning
Technology AuditSM
Voice Systems Network Design
Call Center Design
Data Center Design & Relocation
IP Network Design & Design
Precision Project Management®
TechKnowledge offers financial and banking technology consulting services to AIM Call Center Planning
Precision Project Management®
Bank United Technology AuditSM
Facility PlanningStrategic Planning
Call Center Design
Voice Systems Design
IP Network Engineering & Design
Precision Project Management®


TechKnowledge serves six major market sectors:

“When it comes to data center migrations, IT backbone, and IT infrastructure, I have not found anyone better than TechKnowledge.”

- Joe Probst, Hess Corporation
Hess Corporation - Technology

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