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Technology Consulting Company Overview – TechKnowledge

We are masters of our craft, technology consulting.
A bold statement for sure.  But you should expect nothing less from a technology consulting partner in whom you are going to entrust one of your most critical business requirements:  Access to knowledge through a carefully orchestrated strategic IT plan.  But, why TechKnowledge?

Our CompanyTrusted Technology Advisors.

TechKnowledge is a vendor-independent technology advisor.  We do not sell or represent a particular vendor’s solution.  Rather, we coach you in your quest for technology that will have a positive impact. We help our clients establish long term technology visions, explore options, and weigh the benefits of each, thus allowing them to make informed decisions.

A Team of Technology Consulting Experts.

No single individual can be an “expert” in everything. That is why we field a diverse team of information technology experts. Our team of IT specialists in telecommunications, physical and logical network design, audio/visual systems, security systems, and the IT infrastructure that supports technology systems averages 16 years in the industry. We act as supplemental staff for our clients, adding specific technical expertise or simply an extra set of skilled eyes and hands. Our clients rely on us to relieve the stress of a major technology change with strategic technology planning and to ensure technology continuity and important details are not overlooked; thereby eliminating unnecessary IT expense and delay.

Keeping up With Technology.

The speed with which technology changes means that only students of the industry will keep up.  Therefore, the TechKnowledge technology consulting team works diligently to stay at the forefront of technology.  Not only do vendors regularly provide us with confidential briefings, we work with the latest technologies on a daily basis and have access to senior leadership among technology vendors.  As a result, our experienced technology consulting team has a front row view of technology and can act as a “sounding board” for our clients to explore new ideas, contrast them with other clients’ directions, and chart a course for a logical transition to new technologies.

Lessons Learned.

A major relocation, facility expansion, new Data Center, or new business venture holds the promise of both new opportunities and unknown risks.  A myriad of technology challenges must be considered, measured, accounted for, and sometimes, overcome.  Our clients draw upon our technology consulting experience to understand and reduce these risks.  And since much of our experience involves relocations, we understand how to create a “Technology Neutral” workplace, one that will survive multiple generations of technology.  Our staff of specialists can help establish real-world schedules and budgets, and mirror the relocation schedule to ensure an on-time project and we are equally comfortable coordinating our work with architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

“Technology evolves at a rapid pace and clients expect us to craft a long term vision that will withstand the test of time. We have clients who compliment the benefit of our vision more than 15 years later.”

- Dave Jacobs, President/CEO TechKnowledge

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