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Technology Audit SM and Assessments


For many clients, their most daunting technology challenge is determining what is needed for today and what they will need in the foreseeable future.   Unfortunately, many organizations spend thousands of dollars attempting to resolve problems with enterprise-wide impacts that may not be fully understood.  To help avoid this, we offer an intensive review called a Technology Audit SM.

A Technology Audit SM will allow TechKnowledge to establish a technological point of reference.  Similar to a “Gap Analysis”, or business technology assessments, this includes:

  • Telecommunications System Review
  • Information Technology Assessments
  • Data Continuity Review
  • Network Infrastructure Review
  • Security Systems and Network Security Review
  • Infrastructure Technology Review

We evaluate the IT organizational structure, current assets as well as the policy and procedures currently in place and contrast those with the client’s desired outcome. Once the assets and limitations are clearly understood, our team prepares a 36-month action plan that includes an assessment of the current mix of technologies.


The Result – Our Clients Know:TechKnowledge offers businesses technology audits and assesments to ascertain their overall technology health check

A) where they stand
B) which choices make sense
C) how to achieve technology excellence

We offer many services, including:

“When it comes to data center migrations, IT backbone, and IT infrastructure, I have not found anyone better than TechKnowledge.”

- Joe Probst, Hess Corporation
Hess Corporation - Technology

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