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Specialty Technology Space Design

Data Center Planning – Technology Space Design

The heartbeat of any organization’s technology is the Data Center, where technology continues to evolve at an exponential pace. The TechKnowledge team is on the leading edge of data center planning, with extensivData Center Designe technology space design expertise ranging from small 800 square foot server rooms to large Tier III 70,000 foot data centers. We believe TechKnowledge is Texas’ most experienced non-vendor specific data center designer, with substantial experience in all aspects of data center designs including:

  • New systems required
  • Equipment layout
  • Chilled water routing, as appropriate
  • Under floor cable tray routing (as necessary)
  • Overhead cable tray or electrical components
  • Size and location of UPS, emergency generator, and fuel supply
  • Migration planning & commissioning
  • Future growth spaces
  • Raised floor and tile cut design
  • Fire suppression equipment location/outlets
  • Size and location of air handlers
  • Overall budget requirementsSpecialty Technology Call Center

We also help our clients evaluate options such as colocation and cloud services to find the optimal mix of on-premise, off-premise and hosted solutions.

Contact Center Design

Contact centers are critical to business operations. Most contact centers involve a delicate balance of many components including ACDs, IVRs, dialers, scripting tools, and reporting engines. Staying competitive demands higher and higher levels of efficiency and productivity at lower and lower costs – a challenge that TechKnowledge has tackled for many clients when faced with the decision to relocate, upgrade or drive down costs in contact center environments.

Trading Floors Design

Trading today is no longer just about a trading turret in a fixed location. The latest technology allows calls and information to be visible on a range of off-floor and remote devices globally, at the same time as trading floor turrets and multi-media desktop devices. A trader can either respond to the communication or include his team anywhere in the world. All calls are centrally recorded and analytics are on the lookout for anomalies. Users are presented with common interfaces and profiles and all organizational business controls are in place on the remote devices. Status is visible to most everyone via large displays. TechKnowledge brings the expertise to present organizations the latest technology solutions to solve each individual client’s business goals.

Technology Services Space

We offer many services, including:

“I have been in this business for 20 years, worked on many projects, and worked with many companies. TechKnowledge is a company that I would go to any time, any day.”

- Shah Ardalan, Vice Chancellor, Technology Services/CIO, Lone Star College System
Hess Corporation - Technology

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