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Specifications and Acquisitions

TechKnowledge offers strategic technology specifications & acquisitions documents for technology equipment clients throughout Houston, Dallas, Austin and TexasIn order to acquire equipment and services in the most cost effective fashion, the TechKnowledge specifications and acquisitions team documents the client’s functional requirements in a Request for Propoal (RFP) document, distributes them to qualified firms, and evaluates the proposed offerings.

Our team evaluates technology proposals worth tens of millions of dollars every year. With our market knowledge and negotiating skills, TechKnowledge can typically achieve favorable terms and pricing otherwise not attainable. Our clients reap the cost savings associated with competitive bidding without devoting extensive time to document preparation. Many of our clients report savings greater than 20%.

We offer many services, including:

“Technology evolves at a rapid pace and clients expect us to craft a long term vision that will withstand the test of time. We have clients who compliment the benefit of our vision more than 15 years later.”

- Dave Jacobs, President/CEO TechKnowledge
Hess Corporation - Technology

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