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Audio Visual Technologies

TechKnowledge offers a/v technology consulting services in Houston, Dallas, Austin and throughout TexasTelepresence. Flat Panel TV’s. Videoconferencing. 3D Visualizations. Real-Time Collaboration. Once considered avant garde, audio visual technologies are a standard part of most business technology strategies today. Most of these audio visual technology devices are now endpoints on the corporate IP network, requiring a thorough planning effort by A/V technology professionals, and close coordination with architects to integrate these audio visual technologies into space plans.

We offer many services, including:

“I have been in this business for 20 years, worked on many projects, and worked with many companies. TechKnowledge is a company that I would go to any time, any day.”

- Shah Ardalan, Vice Chancellor, Technology Services/CIO, Lone Star College System
Hess Corporation - Technology

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