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Contact Center Design

Contact Center Design

Contact center design is a critical element to business operations. Most contact centers involve a delicate balance while planning many components including ACDs, IVRs, dialers, scripting tools, and reporting engines. Staying competitive demands higher and higher levels of efficiency and productivity at lower and lower costs – a challenge that TechKnowledge has tackled for many Houston, Austin and Dallas area clients when faced with the decision to relocate, upgrade or drive down costs in contact center environments.

Call centers are an example of the contact center design services offered by TechKnowldge to its Houston, Austin, Dallas and Texas area business clients

We offer many services, including:

“I have been in this business for 20 years, worked on many projects, and worked with many companies. TechKnowledge is a company that I would go to any time, any day.”

- Shah Ardalan, Vice Chancellor, Technology Services/CIO, Lone Star College System
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