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Business Security

We are your local advisor.

It doesn’t matter if yours is an established security department, a different department tasked with physical security operations, or simply an enterprise with assets at risk, TechKnowledge can help.  Born to IP networking and A/V design, TechKnowledge has lived and breathed the technology that is now the foundation for electronic security. As those disciplines converged, we recognized the value of physical security to the protection of the very infrastructure on which most access control, intrusion detection, and surveillance systems now reside. But it takes more than dropping a camera on a network: practical security planning requires sound risk management, forward-thinking systems design and manpower integration. Regardless of your role in asset protection, TechKnowledge is your local advisor with the experience, skill set, accreditation and determination to drive home security results.

  • Security systems planning, design, audit and assessment
  • Risk assessments, security surveys, and vulnerability analyses
  • Security policies, procedures, and best practice implementation
  • Countermeasures integration
  • Scope and specification development
  • RFP drawings and vendor selection process
  • Precision Project Management®

We offer many services, including:

“We got the results we wanted, in the timeframe we needed, and for the cost we expected.  We accomplished a result we could never achieve on our own.”

- Wayne Sadin SVP & CIO, MXenergy (a Constellation company)
Hess Corporation - Technology

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