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2015 Off to Quite a Start

By Richard Langseth

2015 is off to quite the start with many catastrophic Natural Disasters already this year. With record snowfall in Boston, a massive earthquake in Nepal, tornadoes in Oklahoma, and significant flooding in Texas, it’s time to ask yourself two simple questions:

1) Is my organization’s Disaster Preparedness Plan well documented and up to date?
2) How long has it been since the plan was tested – literally activated to make certain everything works as we hope?

If there’s any doubt in your mind, it might be time to take a fresh look. Key considerations include:

• Do my on site assets have sufficient electrical backup power?
• Do I have redundancy in my network connections (critically important if major assets are off site)
• Are those critical assets protected against water, weather, and fire?
• How will we get an early alert if a problem arises?
• What is backed up off site? How recently? How hard is it to restore that data?
• Are key tasks and responsibilities well documented/well understood?
• Are details as simple as cell phone numbers up to date? Key vendor contacts?
• Who/how/when will there be communication with employees? Customers? Providers?

If these items are not reviewed at least annually, today would be a good day to start. Quick before the next disaster strikes!

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